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Rezap Pro Cuts Your Battery Cost For Life + Lithium Battery Support Add-on

Rezap Pro Cuts Your Battery Cost For Life + Lithium Battery Support Add-on
Rezap Pro Cuts Your Battery Cost For Life + Lithium Battery Support Add-on

Rezap Pro Cuts Your Battery Cost For Life + Lithium Battery Support Add-on

Optional Lithium Battery Support Add-on allows recharging of cylindrical 18650 Lithium Batteries. The + and - of Batteries We are increasingly dependent on batteries to power the devices of everyday life at home, at work and at play. Australians use approximately 10,000tonnes of domestic batteries every year.

70% of household batteries are single-use alkaline batteries. Every year, an estimate of 15 billion batteries are thrown out worldwide. Rezap is the simple alternative to throwing away used batteries for every home, school and business. Rezap revolutionises how we recycle batteries.

You will recoup the small cost of the Rezap device many times over and benefit the environment at the same time. You can start reusing your old batteries and take another action to care for the planet by supporting REZAP now. The world's first multi-chemistry battery recharger invented by Digital Works. A method for recharging ordinary, disposable alkaline batteries, all using one affordable device. ReZAP Pro allows you to recharge and extend the useful life of your batteries - even batteries that are supposedly non-rechargeable.

Now you can recharge and reuse not just costly rechargeable batteries but also ordinary single-use Alkaline batteries. It employs state-of-the-art, multi-chemistry battery charging technology and innovative active charge monitor technique to ensure each battery is individually custom-charged. The Rezap Pro's new open architecture design ensures it can support a widest possible range of current and future digital devices. Introducing Rezap Pro - The best just got better. Rezap has all the boxes ticked.

Simple DIY battery recycling solution. US 9,184,603 B2. Supports all common battery types and sizes including 4 x 9V smoke alarm batteries.

Test the condition of each battery with built-in tester. Insert batteries and Rezap takes care of everything. Safe and easy to use. Pays for itself many times over.

Using Rezap is simple, economical, and environmentally friendly. It consumes just a fraction of the power used by a light bulb. Let's Do It for Our Children - Every battery counts!

Let's reduce battery waste for the benefit of our environment and future generations. Remember, a battery reused is a battery that.

Doesn't need to go to landfill and contaminate our environment. Doesn't need to be recycled and re-manufactured, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. REZAP - REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE Maybe you have bought a reusable drinking bottle or stopped using plastic straws.

When you go shopping you choose food and products grown or manufactured in ways less harmful to the planet. At home, work, or school, you separate waste into different coloured bins so it can be recycled rather than sent to landfill. Now you can make the same important choices with all the batteries that you use at home, work, or school, by Rezapping and reusing them rather than throwing them away. You'll be helping to save the only planet we have. You'll be sending the right message to your children. Schools can use Rezap in recycling programs and environment education. Local councils can put a link on their website under battery recycling to encourage reuse.

If you're in business you'll be adding to your green credentials, which customers love. Retailers can stock Rezap alongside new batteries to give customers an environmentally friendly option. Let's join hands, share the love of the planet, and shout out to your friends and community to join in the Rezap campaign.

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  • Type: Solar Power Charger
  • Model: RBC889+Li
  • Brand: REZAP

Rezap Pro Cuts Your Battery Cost For Life + Lithium Battery Support Add-on