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Hillman Pro GT Lithium Red Golf Buggy

Hillman Pro GT Lithium Red Golf Buggy

Hillman Pro GT Lithium Red Golf Buggy
Hillman single seat golf carts are now available with Lithium golf batteries! The Hillman Pro GT Lithium Golf Buggy features a steering wheel and an accelerator pedal, which make it even easier for car drivers to feel at home whilst driving this fantastic buggy. The new Steering wheel will feel the same in your hand as the one in your car, whilst the accelerator pedal which is operated by the right foot also gives the same feeling as driving your car. Forward and reverse is operated by a simple switch on the steering wheel as is the horn.

The buggy is powered by a powerful upgraded 1000W motor this makes it very comfortable cruising at a walking pace allowing the driver to socialise with their playing companions as they enjoy the comfort of a buggy ride, in a way that is virtually impossible when riding a normal 2-seater golf buggy. You also have the option of zooming off at an incredible top speed of 12.5 kilometres an hour. The clever modular design of the buggy includes the front and rear section, the easily removable seat, basket and steering column this clever design means that the Hillman Pro Golf Buggy is easily assembled and disassembled in minutes and will fit into the boots of most car boots. (we would recommend that this is a two-person job) The low-pressure Balloon Tyres combined with the twisting chassis sections ensure that all 4 wheels always remain in contact with the ground and provide you with a smooth ride and excellent stability, the rear stabilisers offer further peace of mind against tipping on inclines.

The heavy-duty straps ensure that your golf bag remains secure even on the roughest of rough. New features for the Pro are anti tip wheels for safety. The basket size has been increased and the foot mat has been improved to help protect the buggy from shoe spikes. Unlike other companies, our buggies are delivered fully assembled ready to be driven and are rigorously tested by our trained technical team beforehand.

Due to its lightweight and simple construction, the buggy is very easily maintained. And are supplied with a Li-Ion charger. If you want to store your buggy at the club and take your batteries home to charge them, no problem as all Hillman buggies are supplied with a portable charger lead so you can charge your batteries away from the buggy.

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95kg Front part weight: 27kgs, Rear part weight : 45 kgs, Seat weight: 12kgs. 1.6m / 63 inch. 11cm / 4.3 inch. 16km/h / 10mph - 2 speeds controlled by key. 30 degrees if driving on incline for more than 1 minutes, 18 degree max. 24V DC 1000 Watt Sealed Mid Transaxle. Automatic electromagnetic brake with manual freewheel. 360° Swivel, Easily removable, Height and back and forwards position adjustments.

Please make every effort to keep the original packaging as transporting unboxed products by courier can cause a lot of problems. After you place your order your buggy will be built and rigorously tested by our warehouse team for you. The Buggy will be fully built, tested and delivered assembled. All you will need to do is remove some protective packaging and some bands that hold it to the pallet, you can then either carefully drive or freewheel the buggy off the pallet. If your order is time critical or required by a certain date please get in touch at the time of order and we will endeavour to accommodate your needs where possible.

Should you have problem with your item in the most cases customers find it easiest to resolve the problem with replacement parts in the post.
Hillman Pro GT Lithium Red Golf Buggy